Falling Rocks from Space (a.k.a "Asteroids")

Patrik Lundin, patriklundin.info

You get the idea, shoot asteroids and collect points ;)

To install download and extract the zip file and then install game by clicking on the setup.exe file (Windows) or get the Android version on Google Play.

To open the project use Visual Studio 2013 and open the Asteroids.sln located in the Visual Studio Solution folder.

Quick start

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file and click setup.exe to install
  2. Start new game using the Space button on your keyboard, use Esc to stop the game.
  3. Use the Arrow keys or WASD to move ship.
  4. Use Space or RightCtrl to shoot.

You can press Pause to pause the game temporarily (Space to start again) and Esc to stop and create a new game.

If your current game is placed on the top ten list you can type your name. You can only type your name at one time for each game placed on the list.

Just continue to shoot falling rocks until you get tired of it :)

Known issues

  • Keyboard limitations for LEFT+UP+Space pressed simultaneously.
    Solution: use WASD for movement or RightCtrl for shooting.

License and disclaimer:

This game and source code is released under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)